Q. Do you have any plans to restock/resell sold-out products?

A.We will inform you on our official Twitter account as soon as we decide to restock/resell the products.


Q. I received a product different from the one I ordered. / the product I received was defective.

A.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us after reading our refund policy.


Q.I receive an error on the screen, what should I do?

A.It may not be displayed properly depending on your environment. Please try again on a different device or Internet browser.


Q. Why didn't I receive an order e-mail?

A. The email may have been blocked as a spam mail. Please check your spam mail box and unblock the domain.

If you still did not receive the order email even after the above steps, please check the following

■If you registered your account when you placed your order

Please log in at https://bluehamham.com/account/login and check your order history. If you do not see your order in your history, it is possible that your order could not be completed for some reason.

■If you did not register your account when you placed your order

Please contact us so that we can review your order history.

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